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《Welcome Unit》Reading and Thinking PPT課件

《Welcome Unit》Reading and Thinking PPT課件 詳細介紹:

《Welcome Unit》Reading and Thinking PPT課件《Welcome Unit》Reading and Thinking PPT課件《Welcome Unit》Reading and Thinking PPT課件《Welcome Unit》Reading and Thinking PPT課件

《Welcome Unit》Reading and Thinking PPT課件



1.As an ____________(外向的) girl,I get along well with my classmates.

2.What ____________(給……留下深刻印象) me most was that such a little boy could play the violin so well.

3.The students will have an ____________(實驗) in the laboratory tomorrow. 

4.Columbus discovered America but did not ____________(探索) the new continent.

5.____________(frighten) by the sudden thunder and lightning,the dog sat tremblingly in a corner.

6.When one loses ____________(confident),he can never expect to do his work well.

7.He was beginning to get very ____________(annoy) with me about my carelessness.

8.She waited ____________(anxious) for her mother’s letter. 


1.He has told me his plans and he’s _________________________(給……留下了一個好印象) me.

2.They made it _________(最終) in spite of  the great difficulty.

3.If you ____________(集中精力于) English,you will master the language.

4.I wish everyone would stop interfering and just _____________(不打擾我).

5.He has broken his word so many times that I _________________(不能再相信他).   



My husband’s talking with full food in his mouth often annoys me.Although I sometimes am annoyed with him about his annoying habit,he can’t get rid of it.












1.What if no one talks to me?要是沒有人和我說話會怎么辦呢?

[仿寫] 要是他不同意我會怎么辦呢?

_____________________ he doesn’t agree with me?

2.I found most of my classmates and teachers friendly and helpful.


[仿寫] 我發現繪畫或素描很令人放松。

I find ____________________________________.  

... ... ...

Welcome UnitPPT,第二部分內容:課文整體突破

Understanding in context

So this is it—senior high school at last.I’m not outgoing so I’m a little anxious right now.I want to make a good first impression.Will I make any friends?What if no one talks to me?

I just had my first maths class at senior high school! The class was difficult,but the teacher was kind and friendly.He even told us a funny story,and everyone laughed so much! I found most of my classmates and teachers friendly and helpful.

1.anxious adj.焦慮的;不安的 anxiety n.憂慮;擔心;渴望 anxiously adv.焦慮地

[合作探究] 體會anxious及其相關詞的用法和意義

①She is anxious to go to college now,but anxious about/for not passing the College Entrance Examination.


②I spent the next several hours filled with anxiety.


③Everybody is waiting anxiously for the doctor.大家都在_______等著醫生。

④We waited with anxiety for the news of her safe arrival.



⑤be anxious ____________ 為……擔心/擔憂

⑥be anxious ____________ sth  渴望做某事

⑦____________  焦慮地

[鞏固內化] 單句語法填空

①There is no reason to be anxious ___________ the exam result.

②He is anxious ___________(spend) the holiday with you.

③The mother was filled with  __________(anxious) about/over her daughter’s English.

④She waited ___________(anxious) for her mother’s letter.

2.make a good first impression 留下好的第一印象

①The new teacher made/left a good impression on the students by her rich knowledge and humorous talk.


[短語記牢] 記牢下列短語

leave/make an impression on... 給……留下印象

be impressed by/with...  被……打動

impress sth on sb/impress sb with sth  某事給某人留下深刻印象

②Everyone agreed that they were greatly impressed by Morissette’s brilliant music and singing.


③Our teacher impressed us with the importance of learning English well.




①My first ____________ (impress) of him was that he was a kind and thoughtful young man.

②The little boy impressed me _______ his big,bright eyes the first time I saw him.


③The first time she visited Guilin,she ____________________________ (被……打動)the scenery there.  

3.What if no one talks to me?要是沒有人跟我說話會怎么樣呢?

【句式解讀】 句中what if...表示“要是……會怎么樣呢?”后面跟一個句子,相當于What will/would happen if...?


(1)What about.../How about...?……怎么樣?(表建議或征求對方意見)

What about/How about going to the movies with me tonight?


(2)Why not do...? 為什么不……?

Why not stop them (from) polluting the river?為什么不阻止他們污染這條河呢?

(3)How come...?……怎么發生的?

How come you enjoy collecting stamps?你怎么會喜歡集郵呢? 

... ... ...

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